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  • Peru Peaberry

    Apricot, Citrus, Lavender
    $24.00 per LB
  • Brazil Minas

    Cocoa Powder, Roasted Peanuts
    $23.00 per LB
  • Bali Kintamani

    Pipe Tobacco, Cedar
    $23.50 per LB
  • Kaltes Brau (Cold Brew) Blend

    Chocolate, Caramel, Fruits
    $22.50 per LB
  • Decaf Peru

    Almond, Cocoa
    $22.50 per LB
  • Bread & Butter Esp. Blend

    Chocolate, Fruits
    $22.50 per LB
  • Kenya AA

    Baker's Chocolate, Berry
    $25.00 per LB
  • Colombia Excelso

    Milk Chocolate, Apple
    $23.25 per LB
  • Guatemala Hue Hue

    Caramel, Red Apple
    $24.50 per LB

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